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I am an overseas salesperson of Lejia Embroidery Co., Ltd. We create value for our customers and seek development for the company.

Focus on the results your clients have achieved

It sticks out from the body and grabs attention.Sales letters work best when you have something to sell. How will their lives be dramatically improved.Put together with care and skill, a good sales letter will prepare your audience for your sales approach.Fill the body of your letter with benefits, not features. Create as conversational a letter as you can. Dig deeper and discover what your embroidery machine price offer really delivers to your target.

If you can do this with a clever play on words, by all means go for it, but if wordplay isn't your forte, keep it simple and straightforward.Before you set your letter loose upon the world, try a test on a limited number of prospects. A great sales letter will have them out looking for you.A sales letter won't do it all. it's alive," he thought he had brought wonderful new life to the world.com/mail.When creating a better monster--er sales letter--start off where Frankenstein made his biggest mistake. Repeat your offer. It may seem odd, but the last words of your letter--the PS--are often read right after the headline.By this point you either have their interest or you don't. Your names may be interesting to you, but they're not what's interesting to your target.

Focus on the results your clients have achieved. How much money is it going to save/earn them. What can you do for me right now? Why should I take time reading any of your letter? Make me an offer I can't refuse.)Now that you've told them how great your offer is, get someone else to tell them too.cgi?f=list&l=thrive_on_line. After all, you've worked hard get them this far, it would be a shame to lose them on a technicality.Just to make your life more difficult, with business-to-business marketing, keep your letter to one page. If you do, the remainder of the letter computerized embroidery machine must answer the basic questions and address the common doubts your reader may have. It can backfire, because we don't all have the same sense of it. The point is, make them care.

There's no perfect length for a headline, but don't waste words. Write them yourself, and then ask one of your best clients if they would be comfortable having it quoted under their name. What he really did was create a monster. Say something that will encourage your reader to go back to the beginning and start to read. It sounds so much better coming from someone else. 

The next few weeks we prepared for competition

That's how it is in the business game. We all piled out of the car and I still remember how our excitement was shattered. As I came best embroidery machine in china up at the edge of the pool gasping for air, the lifeguard was there to meet me. After all, we looked like a bunch of kids from a watering hole. You walk into a boardroom full of men and they all have on suits.While you're at the mall, pick up a book about body types and how to dress them. It's the only data the brain has at that time. How focused they look, just like that swim team.

We were so excited; we talked about it for days.best embroidery machine in china##Gina Novelle (copyright 12-2004)Gina Novelle is a published free lance writer. If you don't wear the uniform, then you are not taken seriously.net. Their business attire is very similar and each is in a power color, gray, navy, or black. Oops, # I just described your wardrobe. The guys teased me about it. If you're still not sure about what to buy, watch TV newswomen and see how they are dressed. a support site for the self-employed. That day arrived and our first meet took us to a pool across town.

That's because they look like us kids from the pool. Remember, a suit that looks great on that plastic model may not be advantageous to your figure.The next few weeks we prepared for competition." Yes, they did and we lost. I wore a two-piece pink swimsuit with white ruffles. Her book, "Business Secrets Men Don't Tell Women" reveals how women and men view self-employment differently and will be available in 2005. She currently offers her services as an Ezine Writer to optimize search engine ratings. Your clothes are your uniform. You can usually find these books in the sewing or fashion section of a bookstore. If you wear the uniform of business, the suit, then you're considered one of the team.

Reduce watering of your yard and garden

Eat more farm stand or organic vegetables and fruits every day.Support environmental legislation.Avoid poultry and meats from animals raised on hormones and steroids. Use cloth napkins, or recycled paper napkins.

Support your local farmers market or co-op. Reduce disposable products in your home.Buy recycled gift wrap.5. Donate unused clothing and furniture. Support Fair Trade practices to reduce global poverty and hunger.Buy organic bedding. Avoid products from farms that practice inhumane treatment of people and animals. Decline drinking commercial embroidery machine straws in the restaurant. Install and use ceiling fans.Lower thermostat in your home to 68 degrees, and 55 degrees when away from home. Avoid plastics in your home.

Grow your own organic herbs.Use organic and herbal soaps, shampoos, and natural cleaning products. Buy organic grains, pastas, herbs, and essential products, in bulk. Hand-wash clothing instead of dry cleaning.Ask your utility companies for an energy audit.Avoid electric bug zappers. Nag your congressman. Walk or bicycle.Avoid products tested on animals.Consider giving homemade gifts. Leave the car in the garage for awhile. Don't buy everyone in the family a car.Use recycled paper for writing and printing. Teach sharing.

Diaper Baby in soft organic cottons.Garden without chemicals and pesticides.Air dry your laundry. Avoid clothing produced in sweat shops around the world. Don't buy a larger home than you need.Avoid laundry detergent with phosphates. Don't buy a second home. Use public transport, or carpool to work, at least once per week. Replace incandescent bulbs with energy efficient lighting. Recycle, recycle, recycle.Don't buy big cars. Compost yard debris and food scraps.Susan Fullen-Yurek is an e-commerce entrepreneur and owner of Kushtush. Avoid down and feather products, if allergies are a problem. Repair faucet leaks. Shorten shower time by 25%.Use washable coffee mugs. Buy recycled and biodegradable toiler paper.Buy organic coffees and teas with the Fair Trade label.

Reduce watering of your yard and garden. Replace with organic cotton batting or organic wool.50. Buy locally grown or organic food. Eat meatless at least twice a week.com Organics, featuring organic bedding and organic cotton products for home and family, with consumer information on the benefits of "going organic". Donate to your favorite environmental organization. Women and children deserve fair labor practices.Lower thermostat on your water heater to 120 degrees. Sew with organic cotton and natural fabrics. Buy organic cotton underwear.

Set your creation in front of your plate to admire all through dinner

Businesses do this all the time with "Employee of the Month" mugs and recognition pins, certificates, gift pen sets, etc.? best embroidery machine for hats Or a shirt may have a message like "Ask me about my success!" to encourage others to help you pat yourself on the back.? Set your creation in front of your plate to admire all through dinner? For example, your hat may sport a self-created logo for your goal, to be worn while actively engaged in goal-achievement activities.

Decorate a special dessert (cake, dessert pizza, big cookie, etc) in a congratulatory or inspirational theme with icing, sprinkles, etc.She is the author of the free e-book "50 Ways To Reach Your Goals" and over 100 self-help and inspirational articles, as well as other products and resources designed to facilitate this process of personal growth and spiritual development.? Want more fun? Do this for every major milestone on the way to your success!

Purchase some brightly colored window paint markers (available at any auto-parts store or department) and paint inspiring or congratulatory slogans, such as "Oh yeah, who's your daddy!" or "I'm number 1!" on the windows of your home and or vehicle, where you will see them often.

The Toni doll was still around, but unimportant-small vogue dolls were my passion

They sold! She made more. She got the idea of enrolling her girlfriends in making potholders.When I was little I was very busy--as I imagine most little girls are. It worked. I'm always at least three days behind in my diary, but I must keep recording my life!Wash up fast! I Love Lucy is on. The Toni doll was still around, but unimportant-small vogue dolls were my passion.

She loved making them, but after awhile she had an awfully lot of potholders. As we shared our passion to encourage women to find their strengths and potential (what I call The Song of Your Soul), she shared with me how often she finds that the secret to this personal essence resides in our past. It may take some creative re-inventing to figure out how we can use the wonderment of our younger self in a form that will work now.  That was good for me as I was more interested in adding details such as lace trim, rather than doing a lot of sewing.Here she was-a third grader with "the first pot holder mass-production line in her neighborhood.

In her book, Nancy goes on to say that through recalling this aspect of her childhood she came in contact with a clue about her Heart's Purpose: "a love of business and a talent for managing people and achieving results. She is a corporate consultant and the co-author of a wonderful, empowering book for women, entitled DANCING ON THE GLASS CEILING. I suggest that you keep a list of all the talents, strengths and potential you find as you revisit your younger selves. A different house, a different town, but still so many interests and passions! I had my hand held sewing machine and spent hours creating outfits for my dolls. Let me now share with you how I further explored childhood positive energies and their retrieval with a colleague.Oh-I had to work on my next Girl Scout Badge by next Thursday. I had to read my latest Little Lulu comic. I went all out and sewed feverishly, dreaming of a day when .

I was incredibly busy. I'm not in a rush and part of recovering our earlier passions-to now live a life that Nancy labels: "Fully Passionate, Fully Alive"- involves time and nurturing." She began to make a profit. Everything stops for I Love Lucy!Can you feel the energy-the passion and determination of the child? It might surprise you to realize that within each of us, the child, with her energy, her passions, her potential for greatness, is still alive.yahoo."Nancy's child is so clear. lat Computerized Embroidery Machine

They will be long pieces sewn together on a mitered seam

There are some very good books you can get from your public library and material/craft stores to help you and I would be happy to help, if you mail me at the address below. Make sure to center your pieces over furniture so you have equal seam allowance on sides, edges, etc. From experience I can tell you it is usually pretty embroidery machine price good if you can sew a straight seam.You will "railroad" your slipcover measurements by marking them (and eventually cutting), going length wise on fabric and then side by side across the width of fabric.

Then you will need to figure the inside back, seat, and sides or skirting (remember, if you are doing 2 or more of same, times each piece by the number you are doing). Back-back to front-back, pin. (Any hardware store should carry the tools) Label all pieces; A large square is good to have also.They will be long pieces sewn together on a mitered seam. back back, front back, seat, sides or skirting, etc. Cut your pieces.Today in this world of fast everything, most of us just don't have the time (nor patience) to do an all consuming job of making a slipcover. 

There will be some extra material in certain areas (which you will cut away) but it gives you room for making a few mistakes! Remember, the art of slip covers and upholstery is very forgiving!If you are using denim or heavy cotton or anything that does not have to be dry-cleaned for your slipcover, I suggest you preshrink the material. Complete all finishing touches, stand back and take a picture!This is a wonderful way to grow patience, skill and redecorate for less. We go buy them and not always are they what we want. Sew these pieces together. Visualize how the sizes will lay out on the fabric, using drawings here will be very helpful. What a great feeling it was to see the finished piece!So with that said, I have a few techniques for you to use that will make this lost art of slipcover making a bit easier. You will need a yardstick or longer, measuring tool. If you have an exceptionally wide piece you will "railroad" it going length of material instead of across, thus avoiding seams.Start with a simple furniture piece.

There is time involved, but you will have a great sense of accomplishing a lost art! Have fun!There is more to this than what I have here, but you should be able to get a pretty good idea of what to do and how. Make sure to utilize the most from your fabric. Sheets or curtains (even older ones found at Goodwill if you're on a budget) can work for making slipcovers and you may find them on sale to make the cost less. We will tailor fit these pieces to the furniture INSIDE OUT. A good example would be an ottoman, simple dining chair or a toaster! Look at the piece, see where the natural lines are? That is where the seams will be for the slipcover. This gives the slipcover a tiny bit of room to move when finished.Holding your slipcover pieces up to the furniture piece INSIDE OUT, pin the seams together about every 2 inches lengthwise along the seam.

Depending on how much turn up you want for the hem will depend on how much extra you add on side or skirting measurement. A job well done is always good for growing self- confidence and character!I owned a very busy tailor shop and I was use to "custom fitting" my clients and worked the slipcovers the same way.Normally, I will pin fit the whole slipcover together inside out on the furniture piece, then go sew, removing pins along the way.

This is easier for quick marking and cutting instead of attempting to cut the exact shape of each piece.About the Author:Robin Hall has been a successful Tailor by trade in the Midwest with over 30 years in business. Cording can be covered and added into prominent seams of the slipcover if you want to add some detail

Now you can click on your image and right-click for Save as Image

Now you can click on your image and right-click for Save as Image.Some etiquette tips:It's somewhat frowned upon to use your couples monogram before you're actually married.Some more design tips:The bride's initial goes first in a monogram. Fill in with fabric paint.Print out your monogram and blow it up to your desired size on a copying machine. The gobo itself usually costs over $100, but once made, you then need specific lights equipped with a pattern holder to use the gobo. To computerized embroidery machine manufacturers project a monogram, you need to buy a custom metal plate, called a "gobo. Format them to your liking. When you're done designing, select all the letters, right-click, and choose Grouping->Group.

Choose Color: No Fill (so you can overlap letters) and Line: No Line. Or just join the couple's first names with an ampersand (Jenny & Mike).To design your monogram in PowerPoint:You'll want to use "Word Art" to create your letters.Ideas for including monograms You'll find them popping up in more and more places throughout the reception, and sometimes even prior to it. Here are some ways that brides include monograms:- embossed, stamped or printed bridal stationary- custom postage stamps (see )- stationary seals or stickers- painted aisle runners- printed bridal bouquet ribbons- bridal underwear or garter- bridal handkerchief- accent to bridal train, veil or gown- ring bearer's pillow- stamped or printed out-of-town bags- bridesmaids' totes- guestbook- engraved guestbook pen- tablecloths- chair covers- place cards and menus- cocktail napkins- coasters- centerpieces- engraved cake server set- cake embellishment- wood, wire, metal, chocolate or acrylic monogram cake topper- monogram wreaths of silk or real flowers- fabric wall or door banners- champagne flutes- bottled water labels- "tears of joy" packs- monogrammed wedding favors: cookies, ornaments, shot glasses, votive candles, chocolates, petit fours, notepads, favor boxes- dance floor "gobo" projections How do I get a monogram?You make it! Many brides find they can "roll their own" using a readily-available software program such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.If the bride keeps her own last name, one option is four-initial monogram (bride's first, bride's last, groom's last, groom's first).

Select all letters, right click, and choose Group to lock in the arrangement.DIY monogrammed aisle runnerIt's not hard to create your own monogrammed aisle runner, and it makes a big splash. As fun as this is, though, it's not cheap and sometimes not easy. Some aisle runners feature a monogram at the bottom, where the procession begins; the top, where the couple stands; and in the middle.) Otherwise, tape the enlarged monogram onto the cardstock and cut out the shape with an exacto knife. If you've played around but don't like the results, call on an arty friend.

Then fasten the upper ring to the original base with hand stitching

To begin with, a lot of the more expensive bed-makers change their designs just like clothing designers do for people, if not quite as often.You have just created a comfortable, washable bed for your dog made with love by your own two hands using a piece of fabric you'd probably throw away, some kind of filler material and a little bit of your precious time.

Cut a couple of pieces of fabric ? it can be from an old sheet, a shower curtain, or a nice comfy old bathrobe ? and sew them together to make a pillow of the right size. Then there are the many pet supermarkets and discount retailers who carry a variety of comfortable beds, in a variety of colors at prices much reduced from the luxury beds available at upscale pet shops. Stuff it with filler material and you have a comfy, simple dog bed. If you're not too fussy about embroidery machine for sale the design of the fabrics being used in the bed; if your dog is of average size and weight; and if her sleeping habits are not too extreme in the curling up or stretching out situations; you can probably save a lot of money when you purchase a dog bed that's right for her. The changes do result in closeouts and discontinued items being drastically marked down at pet shops across the country and on the Internet.

You may also create a fancier dog bed with an upper ring by cutting a long rectangle of fabric and creating a tubular pillow to go around the edge.If you've got any sewing ability at all, (and for the most part, a dog bed is more about being comfortable and durable than about looking great) you can produce an average-sized, comfortable, washable dog bed for just a few dollars worth of fabric and filler material. Then fasten the upper ring to the original base with hand stitching.Dog Beds Info provides detailed information about small and large dog beds, as well as designer, orthopedic, and discount dog beds.

Then there is always the option to go ahead and make your own dog bed. What better way to save money and take care of your loving pet at the same time? You'll enjoy the process of making the bed just as much as your pet will enjoy sleeping in it. Dog Beds Info is the sister site of Bird Cages Web.Many people want to make sure their family pet has just the right bed, but might not be willing to pay the (often quite hefty) price. It's actually more difficult to find designer and luxury dog beds especially for oversized pets than it is to find discount dog beds for average sized animals. LeJia-Multifunction Mixed Embroidery

he word would get passed along by CB radio for several days

This dog had saved him, and who knows how many other motorists.  Red selected a wrench from behind a seat, replaced the nut and prepared to leave the rest stop.Thanks, dog!  I've really got to go, now.The dog whined.  Red bent down.  She was using those big brown eyes of hers to her best advantage.You got a collar on?  Dog tag?  Maybe, we can find out who you belong to!

There was no tag, only an inch-wide turquoise nylon collar on which someone had taken time to hand embroidery a word in red, MERCY.Mercy!  Is that your name?Two barks.You look like you might be hungry, Mercy!  You hungry?Two more barks.Let me see if I've some hamburgers in the cab.  Are World Burgers all right with you?Mercy sat up before he even opened the door.  Red located a bag with three World-Burgers."They're kind of cold, Mercy.  You don't mind, do you?Mercy dropped down and whined, again.What?  You want me to put them into the microwave for thirty seconds before you get one?Woof!  Woof!Okay Mercy. One hot World-Burger coming right up. But, I get two of them. 

Understand?mmediately, Mercy's right paw shot forward. Woof!  Woof!  She agreed.Red never planned getting a dog.  A few long-haulers keep animals for company because it's illegal to transport human passengers.  Section 392.60 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations clearly reads: Unauthorized persons not to be transported.  Dogs, cats, even parrots or boa constrictors are not forbidden.  For Red Haring, the childhood memory of a car running over his dog had never been healed.  He'd sworn never to become attached to another animal.You must belong to a trucker, Mercy.  Okay!  Hop in!  You can ride with me a little ways.  We'll get on the CB and find out where your owner is.Red tried to find Mercy's owner. 

Three different truckers remembered a driver that used to travel with a yellow dog.  Had a turquoise collar.  He'd died on the highway, they'd heard.  The year before!  No mention of what became of his dog. The word would get passed along by CB radio for several days.  Meanwhile, Red agreed he'd take good care of the animal.  Within a week, Mercy would be inspecting Red's truck and supervising his road-hire employees.

Cap Embroidery Machine